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Brilliant Image Cleaning excels in helping businesses maintain an optimal appearance. We offer a range of Woodbridge Township specialty cleaning services to ensure every inch of a facility is cleaned with the highest attention to detail. 

Depend on our cleaning experts for all kinds of specialty cleaning services, including: 

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How Do Professionals Eliminate Odors?

When a business has unpleasant smells, whether due to water damage, smoke damage, mold growth, or other serious issues, professional odor removal services are often required. Odor removal experts have specialized equipment and products to ensure the odors are eliminated completely. 

The first step in odor removal is locating the source of the smells. A failure to address the source will result in the odor continuing to linger. Once the situation has been fully assessed, the cleaning expert will identify what approach should be taken to eliminate the specific odor. This process will usually involve cleaning affected objects and structural elements, as well as using equipment to remove odors from the air. 

Common odor removal methods professionals use include: 

  • HEPA filtration 
  • Air scrubbers 
  • Thermal fogging 
  • Ozone odor removal 
  • Hydroxyl generators
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The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning 

The appearance of a commercial building says a lot about the business. Dirty windows with streaks and smudges can be a real eyesore. Having the windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis not only enhances a business’s appearance but also extends the lifespan of the windows and eliminates unhealthy mold and allergens from accumulating. Frequent window cleaning also prevents insects and pests from infesting the window areas and allows window problems to be discovered early. 

Expert Advice About Stain Removal 

Dealing with stains as quickly as possible is key to successful removal. It’s also important never to rub or scrub the stains. Any excess can be scraped or blotted up before cleaning. Avoid the use of any detergents, disinfectants, or other chemicals that are not specifically designed for stain removal on carpets or upholstery. When detergents are used, the dilution amounts must be precise to prevent damage. These cleaners should never be applied directly to the surface but placed on an absorbent material that is used to clean the stain. Over wetting the material with the cleaning solution must also be avoided. 

Following the advice above can prevent common mistakes that are often made during stain removal, many of which result in high repair costs or irreversible damage. For the best results, work with a professional cleaner from Brilliant Image Cleaning. Our experts have the knowledge and tools to complete stain removal successfully. 

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